Everyone in Indiana is breathing a little easier, thanks to state and local lawmakers passing laws to protect Hoosiers and visitors from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

The state’s policy is a great first step, and its success has encouraged many local communities to enact stronger smoke-free air policies to protect even more working Hoosiers.

Many towns, cities, and counties throughout Indiana have smoke-free air policies that are stronger, or more comprehensive, than the statewide smoke-free air law. These include: Bloomington, Columbus, Delaware County, Elkhart, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Vanderburgh County, Vigo County, West Lafayette, Zionsville, and more.


Smoke-free air laws are a win for everyone, and more communities are looking to protect more workers by enacting policies that are more comprehensive than the current statewide law. Local communities across the state are working every day to accomplish this goal and need the public’s support as they work to protect their citizens from the dangers of secondhand smoke. 

The following are specific examples of ways in which communities are taking extra steps to protect their workers and citizens.

Smoke-Fee Air Won’t Hurt Your Bottom Line

The stories of three business owners featured in this video offer their experiences about going smoke-free. Despite initial misgivings by some of them about going smoke-free, the owners report that business is good (in some instances better), and workers and customers no longer suffer from exposure to secondhand smoke (SHS). Get the bottom line on going smoke-free.

Fort Wayne’s 20 Foot Rule

In 2007, Fort Wayne passed a law prohibiting smoking inside public buildings and within 20 feet of the entrance of public buildings. Businesses in Fort Wayne are governed by the 20 foot rule, meaning smoking is not allowed within 20 feet of any business entrance. Fort Wayne’s smoke-free air law is stronger than the statewide law (passed in 2012) which only prohibits smoking within 8 feet of business entrances.

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Smoke-Free Housing

Visit InSmokeFreeHousing.com to find out the benefits of smoke-free housing and answers to your questions.

Local Laws

Below are towns, cities and counties with stronger smoke-free air laws than the state. The local laws may prohibit smoking in all public places, including bars and taverns. There may also be local laws that prohibit electronic cigarettes.

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Austin, IN
Bloomington, IN
Columbus, IN
Cumberland, IN
Delaware County (Includes Muncie)
Elkhart, IN
Fort Wayne, IN
Franklin, IN
Greencastle, IN
Howard County (Includes Kokomo)

Indianapolis, IN
Lawrence, IN
Manchester, IN
Plainfield, IN
South Bend, IN
Vanderburgh County (Excludes Evansville)
Vigo County (Includes Terre Haute)
West Lafayette, IN
Zionsville, IN